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Debunking myths about food stamps

Young hungry childThe Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as food stamps, is a federal aid program administered by the USDA that is up for renewal in the massive Farm Bill. Despite serving nearly one in seven Americans, SNAP is widely misunderstood, with countless myths mischaracterizing the program. We'll help separate fact from fiction.

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Plan ahead for healthy school lunches

Make healthy lunches a priority this fall

The days are getting shorter, the summer heat is cooling down, and vacations are wrapping up, all of which means one thing: back to school season is officially underway. Whether your young ones are dreading going back or eagerly looking forward to reuniting with old friends and favorite teachers, a healthy lunch will go a long way toward ensuring that first day back is a good one.

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Form good eating habits early

Good eating habits start youngFrom movement in Congress to entertainment television programming, the topic of school meals has recently generated national attention. While healthy school breakfasts and lunches play a key role in ensuring the health of America’s youths, children's eating habits are formed far earlier than in the school cafeteria.

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