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Food fraud in the news

Woman looking skeptically at fast food burgerFood fraud seems to be in the news a lot lately. In the United States, we've recently heard about mislabeled fish, while Europe has been rocked by a widespread scandal involving mislabeled horsemeat.

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Tracking food fraud

Grocery bag labeled 'food fraud'

For decades, NCL has tracked trends about the Internet and telemarketing scams plaguing consumers through its Fraud Center and But there's another kind of fraud on the rise, and you'll find it in your grocery store: food fraud.

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“Modernization” of poultry slaughter under fire

rubber gloved-hands holding raw chickenNow that the election is over, advocates in Washington, DC and the Obama administration can refocus their energy on pressing policy issues. One of the biggest issues facing the food safety community right now is the modernization of the food system. New rules meant to modernize poultry inspection has advocates from many areas concerned -- is 1/3rd of a second enough to properly inspect a chicken? We don't think so.

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