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Celebrate cyber security in October

Keyboard with special red lock keyMore than 25 million Americans are defrauded every year losing billions of dollars to scam artists. An increasing number of these scams are the result of poor online security as hackers and Internet scammers refine their techniques and find new ways to trick consumers into revealing personal information.

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Smartphone theft a 'national epidemic'?

Image of a smart phone screen full of appsThe explosion in smartphone use has put the Internet in the palms of consumers’ hands. Consumers use smartphones every day; whether it is for work, to pay their bills, or to find out who “that guy” from “that movie” is. Now imagine that little device vanishes. Might someone use the personal and private information on your phone against you?

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Weeding through chatter about the 'ObamaPhone'

Young woman in distress holding a cell phone to her earYou may have heard about the federal Lifeline subsidy program in the news recently. This program has been under scrutiny by Congress, and many believe that the program should be shut down. Unfortunately, there has been a great deal of misinformation circulating about the program – dubbed by many as the “Obamaphone.”

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