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Worst teen jobs: landscaping


Landscaping and yard work is a frequent entry point into the job market for teenagers. However, the sharp implements and machinery used to do the work present dangers for teens. Often young workers are left unsupervised for long periods of time. The job also requires a great deal of time spent driving in vehicles which, as we have noted, is a dangerous work-related activity.

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Safe-employment rights


You have the right to:

  • a safe workplace
  • refuse dangerous work and to file a complaint if your job is unsafe
  • safety clothing, equipment, and training
  • payment for your work
  • medical care if you get injured or sick because of your job
  • work without racial or sexual harassment

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Tips for parents of job-seeking teens


Your teen’s got an eye on a part-time job? How to keep your eye on your young worker:

Be involved
Before the job search begins, make decisions with your teen about appropriate employment. Set limits on how many hours per week he or she may work. Make sure your child knows you are interested in his or her part-time job.

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