2022 World Cup Awards

2022 World Cup Awards

2022 World Cup Awards

There are so many world cup awards in 2022. 2022 will be a decisive year for world football players. A prestigious event that succeeded in making all football teams around the world join and fight for the world cup. Lots of the countries that participated in and managed to bring home the world cup in 2022 are Argentina.

The countries that entered the final of the world cup were Argentina and France. The two countries are fighting over the world cup fiercely. Of course, many are curious not about the victory achieved in the world cup. There are many countries participating in the world cup. Even though they lost, they didn’t carry empty hands.

List of people who received the award

Did you know that the value of the victory that FIFA has prepared this time is very high? Higher in world cup matches. Apart from giving prize money and trophies, it turns out that there are still several awards that players can still receive. An award is assessed on the performance of the game from start to finish. natlconsumersleague

In this award, the Argentine team won a lot. There are 3 people in Argentina who managed to get the award. Not only Argentina but there are also French and English countries that have also won cool awards from the organizers. Of course, you are curious about what awards they get.

The following awards can be obtained namely:

losers take home the winnings//appreciation

– The golden ball award or the golden ball was won by Argentina, namely Lionel Messi. The award specifically for the best player in 2022
– The youngest player in the game of football during the 2022 world cup is Enzo Fernandez. One of the players from Argentina turned out to have talented young players.
– Not only Argentine players, there are still French players who also received awards. Kylian Mbappe, one of the French players who managed to score eight goals during the 2022 world cup match, got the golden boot.
– Kipper from Argentina was no less great and also received an award in the form of gold gloves. Become the best goalkeeper in the country of Argentina. The name of the kipper from Argentina is Emiliano Martinez.
– In addition to the players who received the award, it turned out that there was one country that also received an award in the form of fair play England.

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