9 Ways of Push Up Exercise

9 Ways of Push Up Exercise

9 Ways of Push Up Exercise

In the sport of push ups, there are many kinds, if you want to have an athletic body, it is better for you to do push ups. Expand the movement so that your body can become better. As usual, before doing sports, it’s better to warm up first. Nothing can be done well if you don’t try. There is no problem if you do this movement slowly. It only takes 9 ways you can get the best body and of course you can also have a healthy body. Focusing with push up exercises will make the parts other than the hands feel better. Obviously the lower abdomen, thighs, back and legs will feel more balanced and become smaller if you often do this kind of movement. Here’s how you can do push ups properly

Mountain Climber

Natlconsumersleague – This movement is in the position of the body facing the floor but you do not fully lie on the floor. But both hands are straightened to the floor and your position is like you are ready to run. While your feet do the steps alternately so that your body.

Russian Twist
In this movement you have to sit and both legs are lifted halfway up. While your hands must move from left to right or vice versa. When the hand is moved from any direction you can do it with a pedestal.

The burpee movement is always done by athletes. Because this movement teaches concentration and balance. You initially do this movement from a standing position and then bend down first. After that you add a push up movement, then you stand back up by jumping and your hands are clapped up.

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Wall Sit

The next step is to perform the action of sitting on the wall. Where you sit without a base, but you can perform the action of sitting with your legs bent while you are sitting.

Push Ups
Push ups you must do with the correct hand position. Apart from that you do it with minimal movements first if you are not used to doing it. Do this movement in a straight line for maximum results.

Jumping Jacks
Do the jump jump many times so that your body feels lighter. This movement will be better if all the limbs in the movement. So the hands can be patted on top to move the hands so that the loose fat can be reduced.

Incline Push Up

Do push ups with the help of a chair. Of course the chair used is not very high. You can use a chair that has a height of your knee only. This movement you must be in an upright position and must be serious so as not to fall. The position you will get later is down.

Reverse Crunch
This Reverse Crunch movement is perfect for those of you who want to have a flat stomach. Just lift your legs up and almost over your head. Of course, your hands are the foundation so that your body and legs do not exceed the limit.

Wall Push Up
Do a wall push up movement, don’t be too close to the wall. Keep your distance as you do the movement in push ups on the floor. And for your feet should be closed tightly while your hands should be straight and shoulder width apart.

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