An F1 race was held in Indonesia

An F1 race was held in Indonesia

An F1 race was held in Indonesia

The F1 race in Indonesia was held to be one of the questions that must be prepared by many parties. As you know that the Mandalika circuit is the first race circuit in Indonesia. There are already many Motorgp races that use the circuit. Nevertheless, Indonesia is also eager to host the F1 race.

This is why some teams try to find a circuit that matches the standard of F1. After searching, it turns out there is a place that matches the conditions prepared for F1 racing. In the Riau Islands, it turns out to have a path that matches the f1 path.

Bintan Path

The mainland jet race was originally held in Bintan. Now replaced as a place for F1 racing. Seeing the track in accordance with the requirements of the F1 competition, the management of the management in Bintan region and the President immediately made the F1 track. Not easy and long enough in making Bintan paths. Takes approximately eight months to complete development. Natlconsumersleague

Of course, many thought that the funds used in building circuits using government funds. But did you know that the funds obtained in building circuits using private funds and foreign investment money? There is nothing at all from the government.

Requires a lot of funds and residence

For those of you who travel to Riau, you can certainly visit the Bintan Circuit. Circuits close to the tourist area. Mandalika is now only concentrating on MotoGP racing. So in F1 racers can use the Bintan circuit. The funds needed may not be a few. You are eating almost a trillion to be able to finish the circuit.

new path
close to tourist attractions//new path

Actually, the management of the circuit maker must also provide a place to stay. Build a cool path. So the board administrators must also provide hotels for racers and their teams.The number of rooms needed is not tiny as many as at least three thousand rooms must be provided with other accommodations. This is what makes costs a little heavy by meeting all the conditions.

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