Exercise shrinks a distended stomach

Exercise shrinks a distended stomach

Exercise shrinks a distended stomach

a distended stomach is a form of accumulated fat. The distended stomach can of course be removed if you want to overcome it. Having a distended stomach you can certainly do well if consistent. Exercise shrinks a distended stomach

Want to have a flat stomach, don’t just dream, you have to do it. because there is consistency that must be done so that the stomach can become flat again. Do the following movements if you want your stomach to be flatter Natlconsumersleague


do the plank movement correctly. Usually, people make silent movements. even though the right thing to do for a plank is to do the feet together. The stomach is held up until it goes inside and then held for a few seconds ahead. For beginners, do the plank for about 15 seconds.


You can do sit-ups in several ways such as total and half sit-ups. For those of you who do sit-ups with half then the upper abdomen will shrink. Meanwhile, those of you who do full sit-ups can also shrink your lower stomach.


Crunches have movements that can shrink the stomach. Take a leg position by lifting it up and then bending it to form a chair that has fallen. Prepare your head straight and start lifting your head towards your knees. do this repeatedly according to the count.

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By doing this movement for 15 seconds every day, you will definitely get rid of a distended stomach easily. To be able to get rid of a distended stomach, you can also adjust to a healthy diet.

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