Exercise to Shrink Thighs and Calves

Exercise to Shrink Thighs and Calves

Exercise to Shrink Thighs and Calves

Greetings from a healthy body warrior. Of course, exercise is very important for those of us who are doing solid activities or even at home. But what needs to be maintained is not only exercise but also food intake must be maintained. If you are currently at home, there is nothing wrong with doing sports. Exercise is very good and can certainly prevent the disease from entering the body. If you are lazy in doing sports, then you can do this stage. Because these steps will not make you feel tired. Exercise to Shrink Thighs and Calves

Warm Up

Natlconsumersleague – Perform this movement standing with your feet wide apart. Both hands are opened wide from the front and back. The other step is that your hands can be moved alternately from front to back but your hands are still up. Of course, it’s not just the hands that are rotated from the opposite direction. But the Warm Up movement will invite you to kick with your right foot to the left. Do this kick alternately from left to right and of course, the hands must hit the feet. There are many kinds of warm-up movements and you have to do the movements correctly so that your muscles don’t tense up. Another step of a warm-up is to move the knee part of the leg in a circular motion from left to right or vice versa.

Squat Jump

Doing the squat movement you must be able to do it with a straight body. Do not let your bow when you bend and the buttocks should not exceed the size of the back of the body. If you are a beginner, do this movement in stages only 10 times. For the next day maybe you can increase the number of squat jumps.

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Open Hip High Knee

Remain still in a standing position and both hands are better clenched to maintain balance. This movement will invite you to open your legs one by one, either starting from the left foot first or the right.

Full Plank

The full plank movement is the movement you walk using your hands, with both feet in a standing position. In this position, you have to breathe properly so you don’t overdo the movement and take a breath.

Squats and kicks

This movement is a combination so you do a squat first before you do the kick movement. Kick movement is a movement that kicks, but the position of the legs is bent first before kicking it.

Sit Flutter Kick

In this movement, you have to sit and the position of both legs bent but given a distance. While the 2 hands must pass the legs raised. The position of the legs that are lifted is the legs that are lifted alternately.

Squat Jump

In this step, you jump first, and then you are in a squat position. Where the squat position will make your body like a squatting position but not completely.

High Plank Toe Touches

The position of the High Plank Toe Touches is that you have bent down with your hands down and not far from your feet.Make a foot touching motion. How to prepare the palms to touch the feet. When you want to touch your feet, make cross-handed movements to touch your feet.

Stretching (stretching)

Perform stretching movements in a sitting position. You can move all your arms, pulling your hands back or forward. Or you can do the movement to support the body to the right and left are wide open legs.

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