Exercise without special tools for a distended stomach

Exercise without special tools for a distended stomach

Exercise without special tools for a distended stomach

For any kind of sport, make sure to warm up first. Even if you haven’t started your main workout yet, you still have to make good use of your warm-up time. Don’t just warm up, because warming up helps you more than just stretch your muscles. But there will be pulls that will increase the body’s energy and help reduce belly fat. For maximum results, you can do this correctly so that when there is a muscle pull there is no pain or sprain. Here’s how to exercise a distended stomach.

Run / Walk

Natlconsumersleague – Do the running movement in place, it doesn’t have to be too fast or too slow. If you want to run in place, you have to do it right, like lifting the heels of your feet alternately and lifting your thighs with power from your feet. If you want to walk somewhere, do it as if you were walking somewhere.

Knee Side

How to do this technique is that both hands are parallel in front of the chest, then the legs are lifted alternately in opposite directions to the intended hand. For example, if the left foot is lifted first, then the foot will go to the right hand.

Side / Jumpin Jack

If you do this movement, you can do this in 2 ways, namely, you only direct your feet wide open from the sides, and can also be done by jumping. But both hands will be from the bottom up but not patting, but only raised up to the top of the head.

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Side knee up

This method is done by alternately lifting the legs up and the hands are still in a united position in holding the other hand.

Do run in place or walk in place to get maximum results. Do this exercise within the time that has been set.

Tarso Rotary

Straighten your arms while holding each other. Movement of the hand from left to right.

Plank is a type of exercise that is very good for improving muscle mass in the abdomen. Get into a push-up position in a plank style. Bend both hands in a 90 degree position. put your hands down and the body does not stick. For beginners, you can do this in 15 seconds first, but if you have stronger arm muscles then you can add more time.

Leg Raises – Natlconsumersleague

The stance in this exercise is to raise the legs. Position the legs in a half raised and down. But the feet will float downwards. For the body position, you can do it in a sleeping position with both hands on the lower hips.

ABD Twist
Position the body with half lying with legs straight. Place your hands behind your back half bent. The bent hand will meet the knee.

If you have finished doing the whole exercise then you can stretch. While stretching, straighten your legs and bend your body, bringing your lips to your knees. Before stretching begins, you can adjust the legs first.

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