F1 and GP rules are different

F1 and GP rules are different

F1 and GP rules are different

The rules of F1 and GP are different and there is no resemblance. Many think that the world of racing has the same rules. It turns out that after exploring the regulations set by F1 with GP motorbikes, they are very different. Did you know that the qualifying session in the competition is divided into several parts?

Qualifications in each GP motorbike there are only two models. Unlike the existing qualifications in F1. For F1 there are three types of qualifying rounds. Drivers cannot be determined based on grades alone. To be able to enter the GP race, of course, you have to get some practice sessions. There are 3 types of practice sessions that must be passed by the racers. Success in the practice session then the chance to get into the qualifying round.

GP qualification

The quota to be able to enter the GP race is not much—a fairly tight competition to be able to take part in the GP race. Racers who have speed from the first practice session to the third session will immediately enter the second qualification. While the rest entered the first round. Not only that but in the first round there was also a fierce struggle again. Natlconsumersleague

Until you can get 13 GP motorbike racers. It’s different from F1 where the training sessions are undisturbed and you can practice freely. What determines the racers can enter from the speed and time? F1 determines the time in each qualifying round. Late and lost by time then the game is over.

You can choose the type of tire

prestigious race
prestigious race//use tactics

Apart from getting the race position, it turns out that there are other rules, namely the tires on each vehicle. In GP motorbikes, you get the freedom to choose tires. Not included in the qualifying round. In stark contrast to F! which has quite strict rules with tires. The rule is that drivers who use tires in qualifying for the second must use them again in the next race.

If you choose a soft type of tire in the third round then you must be able to get ready to enter the pits to change tires. The members must be able to use tactics in selecting tires during the match. If you use hard tires, you can keep going without having to replace the tires directly.

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