F1 cars are very expensive

F1 cars are very expensive

F1 cars are very expensive

The price of an F1 car is very expensive, making people who like F1 willing to spend a lot of money to have an F1 car. For people who have a lot of money, of course, there will be no problem with the price they get. In contrast to ordinary people who have limited money, they don’t dare to buy, they can only look at it and dream about it.

Who would have thought that the price of F1 is very expensive? The selling price can reach trillions of rupiah. Of course, many of you will be surprised when you find out the price of F1 vehicles. Not all vehicles use the same type of engine. For F1 it uses a special machine. F1 cars are very different from other cars. Not in mass production.

Car engine

To make an F1 engine, of course, it must be ordered first. Engine power in F1 is not the same, very diverse. Apart from being an expensive type of machine, it turns out that machine research is also very expensive. To set the speed so that the car can go fast, you can do research and do some trials in running the machine. natlconsumersleague

The thing that makes F1 cars expensive can also be obtained from the steering wheel. The car steering wheel used is not an ordinary steering wheel. Using a type of steering wheel that is already sophisticated. There is radio communication, traction control, and much more. who would have thought that the type of engine used in F1 is very strong?

F1 design

sophisticated steering wheel
cool and balanced design//sophisticated steering wheel

Requires a powerful transmission to power up and keep up with the engine. The material used is carbon titanium. Many do not know that getting transmission costs requires quite a lot of money. Not left behind also with the type of design in F1. To get perfect results, of course, the body of the car is the main thing.

Balanced position to get the speed of the car. In F1 there are two parts of the wing that must match the shape of the body. Of course, it didn’t cost a bit to be able to get all the details in making F1. This is what makes F1 so expensive. Not in mass production and obtained by ordering goods first.

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