F1 training program

F1 training program

F1 training program

The F1 training program is not just a refreshing exercise for the body. There are several exercises that they must follow to strengthen the muscles in the body. Have enough time to be able to rest before the game starts. Prepare the stamina to compete.

Almost every day the daily activities of the racers get enough rest and practice again. There are many types of exercises that can help racers’ bodies get stronger. Strong in the sense that it can withstand the load while driving on the road. Lots of racers train their muscles to be strong. Every racer certainly has some weaknesses during the game.

Different types of exercises

This makes all racers who are aware of their weaknesses immediately go to practice to strengthen these weaknesses. They do various types of exercises from the neck, eyes, hands, endurance, and legs. An exercise that also helps increase muscle mass and increase the ideal body weight for F1 racers. Natlconsumersleague

There are also several racers who also take part in cardio training. In order for the body to be strong, it must do regular exercise. There are many types of exercises that can be done in cardio. Drivers who know cardio are immediately followed without any word of protest at all. Despite continuous training, the racers also did not forget to relax their muscles. Sleep at the right hour and rest can help improve blood circulation.

Healthy food

Not only training, racers also have to maintain nutritional intake as well. Foods that can affect all weight. One menu alone has succeeded in making sports racers more extra than before. Here are some menus that are often consumed by racers, namely:

train leg muscles
increase muscle mass//train leg muscles


Drink coffee but not much
Fish and eggs in the omelet


Red rice


mashed potatoes

The snacks

Yogurt mixed with nuts, and oats while being beaten.

From this menu the racers get a healthy body with a healthy diet.

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