Feeling tired after exercise

Feeling tired after exercise

Feeling tired after exercise

Have you ever felt tired after exercising? Of course, almost everyone feels tired when they finish exercising. A tired feeling that makes some people not want to sleep. People who like to exercise in the morning or evening, try not to go to bed right away if you can still control it. Here are the effects of frequent sleep after exercise

Sleep Quality

many say people who like to sleep after exercise have poor sleep quality. This is because when you exercise, there are endorphins that make your body temperature rise. It’s also not surprising that if you do it often, it’s hard to sleep at night. Natlconsumersleague


people who have finished exercising as much as possible after sports do not like to lie down or sleep. Because it will make your head dizzy and will certainly make you confused when you wake up later.

Fear and risk make many people better avoid it. Heavy sleepiness can also make you unable to move after you finish exercising. Because people who sleep because they are not strong enough to have their eyes wide open, still the eyes will sleep by themselves.

tired//muscles so sore – sore

People who are immediately tired of their eyes after exercising, of course, must be put to sleep. Because the eyes that can’t be held will make your eyes fall asleep on their own. If you fall asleep accidentally, the body will automatically make all the muscles more stretched.

The benefits of sleeping after exercise are reducing fatigue and muscle recovery.

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