Focus 10 Ways to exercise arms

Focus 10 Ways to exercise arms

Focus 10 Ways to exercise arms

If you are someone who wants to have nice arms or wants to shrink arms then you must do the movements below correctly. If you want to get maximum results, do this movement repeatedly and as often as possible. Make sure before you do the exercise you have stretch first. There is nothing wrong with you doing this movement as often as possible. The following are the right exercise movements to shrink arms


This movement is done with you who initially stand up then you face down and you jump after that, clapping your hands up. Do this repeatedly until the time or amount has been determined.

Jumping Jacks

Do this move by jumping up and down. The hands and feet are wide open but shoulder-width apart. The hands are clapped up after doing the jump with the legs extended too. Natlconsumersleague

Wall Sit

Do this movement with you in a sitting and leaning position. This position will make you lean against the wall to reach the direction of sitting in the chair.


tighten the arms//weightlifting

Who would have thought this step can make your arms fuller than before? You have to do this move correctly so that you don’t injure your arm and wrist.

Bird Dog

Your hands and feet lift together but the position of the body facing down. Do this movement alternately between left and right. However, when the legs and arms are lifted, they are not on the same path. But you do the movement of the legs and arms differently.

Squat Pop

Do a squat position followed by jumping up. Your hands can bend when you are going to do squats.

Incline Push-ups

Those of you who do this pushup movement can be helped by using a chair that is higher than the pushup position. This movement will help your arms become stronger and your legs stronger to maintain balance.

Reverse Plank

If the plank is generally facing down, this position brings you to a head-up position. For the position of the hands placed behind the back to hold the back and body.

Side Plank

This movement you can start from the left position first or right. If you do this movement make sure your body is straight and one hand touches the floor to maintain body balance. While the other hand is on top.

Wall push-ups

Doing wall push-ups correctly then your arms will initially feel heavy. If you often do this movement then you will feel the arms look more muscular.

Those of you who already understand what movements must be passed in arm sports. Use the distance between movement and rest properly. It would be better if you use the amount in each movement to make it more balanced. For beginners, don’t do all of these movements too much or too much. Especially when there is a squatting movement followed by a jump, if you are not careful the movement will be fatal. In addition, the muscles of your arms and thighs do not feel surprised when you do this exercise. If you have practiced this movement several times, then you can increase the number of movements, but add this movement little by little.

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