Formula E and F1 are the same but different

Formula E and F1 are the same but different

Formula E and F1 are the same but different

Formula E and F1 are the same but differ in engine type. Many ordinary people do not know that the E and F1 formulas are actually different. Even though they both use racers and have the same type of car, it turns out that there are some notable differences that can be known. When viewed from the car model and the track is not much different.

Of course, those of you who are fans of F1 racing is curious about what is the difference between Fi and Formula E. Here are some of the differences:

Perbedaan F E

  • Car engines run on electricity

The use of engine vehicles in cars more often requires hybrid combustion. The fuel needed does not require gasoline. Only with electric power can the car move and be ready to use. Natlconsumersleague

  • Not changing tires

During the match, the players must be prepared to replace tires in the next round. But it is inversely proportional. In Formula E it doesn’t take long to change tires. Played until the game is over.

  • The paths used are different

In track competitions that are often used are street tracks. A race that uses street lanes.

  • Additional buttons on the steering wheel

A button that can make you increase speed in the trajectory. The button becomes the attack mode in accelerating the pace of the Formula E racing motorbike.

through the track
use electricity//through the track


  • Using a machine that has high power

The machine used in the race is not an ordinary machine. The energy needed in racing is energy that has a unique power.

  • The fuel used is gasoline

In contrast to Formula E which uses electricity. In F1 more use of gasoline with a capacity of nearly 1.6 liters.

  • Changing tires in every race

During the race, the drivers must be able to find the right time to change tires. Entering the pit stop and waiting for the tires to be replaced can be an opportunity for the drivers to rest for a while.

  • Using the existing track in the large stadium

In track races, the track used uses a unique stadium for racing. Various countries that are the host also provide track lanes which sometimes make it difficult for racers to pass.

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