Gregoria Mariska’s target

This is Gregoria Mariska’s target at the 2023 World Championship

Gregoria Mariska’s target at the 2023 World Championship

Are you an ardent badminton fan? If so, then you must be familiar with Gregoria Mariska. This young athlete has become a star in the world of Indonesian badminton and continues to show his extraordinary potential.

2023 will be a very important year for Gregoria Mariska, because she has one big target to achieve: the 2023 World Championship! Why is this the main target? How is he preparing to achieve it? Let’s see together!

Gregoria Mariska’s target at the 2023 World Championship

Gregoria Mariska has very ambitious targets at the 2023 World Championships. For this young athlete, a world title is a dream that she has wanted to achieve for a long time. Becoming the best at the world level is a big challenge but Gregoria is ready to face it with all her might.

Why is the 2023 World Championship the main target? Not only for the prestige and recognition as the best badminton player in the world, but also for inspiring Indonesia’s younger generation and proving that dreams can be achieved through hard work and dedication.

Over the past few years, Gregoria has been working hard in preparation for the 2023 World Championships. She is undergoing intense training every day, improving her playing technique, strengthening her physique, as well as conducting in-depth analysis of her potential opponents.

Gregoria realizes that the competition will be very fierce in the World Championships. Top players from various countries will compete with the same motivation – to win the world title. But this did not make him tremble or despair. On the contrary, it became his motivation to keep practicing even harder.

Why is this her target?

Why is this the target? Gregoria Mariska has strong reasons to target the 2023 World Championships. As a talented young badminton player, she wants to prove her worth at the international level. This is an opportunity for him to carve his name in world badminton history.

Gregoria feels that the World Championship is the best stage for her to compete with the best players from around the world. He aims to showcase his game techniques and strategies to a global audience, as well as gain valuable experience in intense matches.

During her preparatory period, Gregoria had worked hard and focused on improving her skills. He undergoes a daily training routine, including intensive physical sessions and comprehensive technical work. Apart from that, he also competes regularly in national and international tournaments to gain experience in competing against tough opponents.

Despite his youth, Gregoria has a strong winning mentality. He believes that with hard work and persistence, he can achieve this ambitious goal. Every time he reaches a milestone in his career or gains new success in important tournaments, his motivation increases.

How has she been preparing for it?

Gregoria Mariska telah melakukan persiapan yang intensif untuk menghadapi Kejuaraan Dunia 2023. Dia menyadari bahwa kompetisi ini akan menjadi tantangan besar baginya, dan dia tidak ingin meremehkannya sama sekali.

Salah satu aspek utama dari persiapannya adalah latihan fisik yang keras. Gregoria menjalani program latihan yang terstruktur dan disesuaikan dengan kebutuhannya sebagai pemain bulu tangkis elit. Latihan fisiknya mencakup kekuatan, kecepatan, ketahanan, serta fleksibilitas untuk mempersiapkan tubuhnya menjadi lebih siap dalam pertandingan-pertandingan sengit di turnamen tersebut.

Selain itu, Gregoria juga berfokus pada aspek teknik permainannya. Dia bekerja sama dengan pelatihnya untuk meningkatkan keterampilan dasar seperti pukulan forehand dan backhand, servis, serta footwork yang optimal. Gregoria sadar bahwa kemampuan teknis yang kuat akan memberinya keunggulan saat bertanding melawan pesaing-pesaing tangguh di Kejuaraan Dunia.

Selain latihan fisik dan teknis, mentalitas juga merupakan faktor penting dalam persiapan Gregoria. Dia memiliki tim pendukung yang membantunya mengembangkan konsentrasi tinggi dan ketangguhan mental agar dapat menghadapi tekanan kompetisi sebaik mungkin. Mentalitas positif ini sangat penting bagi Gregoria karena membantu menenangkan pikirannya dalam situasi-situasi sulit selama pertandingan.

What are her thoughts on her progress so far?

Gregoria Mariska is one of the best Indonesian badminton players who has big targets for the 2023 World Championships. So far, she has shown great progress and shares her views on her development.

On the way to the 2023 World Championships, Gregoria admitted that she was very satisfied with her progress. He has been working hard at training and focusing on improving his technique and strength. Gregoria felt that she was stronger and more prepared than before.

However, he also realized that there was still a lot of room for improvement in his game. He doesn’t want to be satisfied with his current achievements and keeps trying to improve his performance. For him, every tournament is an opportunity to learn and grow as a better badminton player.

Gregoria sees that the competition in the World Championships will be very tight. There are many great players from other countries who are also determined to win the world title. However, that didn’t discourage or frighten him. On the contrary, it actually motivated him to work even harder in order to compete with them competitively.

In order to win the 2023 World Championship, Gregoria is aware that she must maintain consistency in her performance and improve her match strategy. In addition, the winning mentality is also an important factor for him in achieving this goal.

Who are her biggest competitors?

Who are Gregoria Mariska’s target biggest competitors at the 2023 World Championships? Of course, competition on a world level will never be easy. There are several players with extraordinary abilities that pose a serious threat to Gregoria.

One of the main competitors is Tai Tzu-Ying from Taiwan. Tai Tzu-Ying has dominated the world of badminton wahana 138 with his incredible speed and precision. He has the ability to change the direction of the ball very quickly and overwhelm his opponents. His consistency and experience in competing is also a big advantage for him.

Apart from that, Chen Yufei from China was also a threat that Gregoria had to watch out for. Chen Yufei possessed strong power and her punching techniques were extremely accurate. With his young age, he has recorded brilliant achievements such as winning a gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Do not miss Carolina Marin from Spain, the defending champion of the women’s badminton World Championship before. Marin is an aggressive player with high stamina and lethal punching power. He remains one of the best players despite suffering a serious injury in 2019.

What will Gregoria Mariska’s target to do to win the World Championship?

In order to win the 2023 World Championship, Gregoria Mariska’s target needs to continue her preparation and training in earnest. He had to constantly improve his technical skills, movement speed and game strategy.

Gregoria has to maintain her physical condition in order to stay fit. Wahana138 Fitness training and muscle strengthening are very important in maintaining endurance when competing at a high level such as the World Championships. Apart from that, he also needs to manage a healthy diet to get enough nutrition so he can give his best performance on the field.

Not only that, Gregoria also needs to work closely with her coaches and support team to devise an effective strategy. Analysis of his opponents will be the key to success for Gregoria in achieving her goals. By knowing the weaknesses and strengths of his competitors, he can plan a proper counterattack.

In addition, the winning mentality is also an important factor in winning the World Championship. Gregoria must have strong self-confidence and not give up easily even when facing difficulties or pressure from the match. High internal motivation will help Gregoria survive even when the situation is not favorable for her.



Gregoria Mariska is one of Indonesia’s best badminton players and she has big targets for the 2023 World Championships. Through her dedication and hard work, Gregoria is determined to achieve brilliant results in the event.

This target is the main thing for Gregoria because the World Championships is a prestigious stage for international badminton players. Winning the world title will prove Gregoria’s outstanding abilities and achievements as an athlete.

In order to achieve her target, Gregoria has prepared herself in earnest. He undergoes intensive training every day, increases his physical strength through fitness programs, and improves his playing technique through special training sessions with his coach.

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