How to form Body Goals

How to form Body Goals

How to form Body Goals

This time there will be a discussion about how to get the body goal position, namely through yoga. What is meant by body goals is the area of ​​​​the hands, stomach, thighs, and buttocks. Of course, girls who have sagging skin are very suitable in this way. It is not difficult to do yoga to have body goals. Of course, having body goals is a choice, so there is nothing wrong if you continue to do your best so that you can achieve the desired posture.

Warming up

Warming up in achieving body goals is by – Natlconsumersleague

  • You do a bowed and prostrate position then the head is directed to the left and right. After that, you train your stomach first to be lifted and then lowered. The position of the hands must be open parallel to the shoulders, as well as the feet follow the direction of the hands.
  • After that, you move your body to the left and right as if you are about to turn your head, but the body must be moved more.

2 Core Moves

  • Mystery movement. The hands are directed forward and the bent legs are behind the hands. Can be combined with a shoulder flash movement. Shoulder blitz performs two humps on the back shoulder. It can also be with a shoulder flash movement. The resulting movement will help you hold your shoulders and head in an upturned position. Plank, you who are women can do planks by placing both knees and body position on the floor, followed by push-ups half the body. How to push up this time is to put the navel on the pedestal. This position can make the body posture not bent.
  • the other stage is to make the navel a crutch. Lie down and straighten your arms and legs. Straighten your legs and lift them up slightly.
  • Another step with the 1st leg bent straight and the other on the straight leg. Prepare both hands by raising your hands up. Do not forget the position of the body must be upright.
belly shrink movement//sport
Next move
  • The other step you stand and bend one leg sideways and the other leg straight sideways. The hand that is parallel to the leg becomes a support and the other hand becomes straight to the side towards the bent leg. Do it alternately for balance.
  • Position the body in a state of sleep. Movement of hands and feet simultaneously. No need to do it with fast movements, because in this movement you have to be smart in taking a breath.
  • The next movement you sleep on your side. lower leg straight and upper leg raised.
  • This movement will invite you to spread 2 legs, and the body is like supporting the legs that are wide open legs. But do a body movement down and up do it slowly. Can do a combination of hand movements from left or right alternately. But the position of the hands on the head as if going to punch.
3 Stretches

The final step is stretching. You have to do this stretch on the legs of your feet first. After that, you can move on to your body part with the child’s attitude. Perform the movement of the child’s attitude alternately from left to right. Do child attitude. Bend the legs towards the body down and arms extended forward.

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