Maintain body stamina

Maintain body stamina

Maintain body stamina

Maintaining stamina before competing is mandatory and you shouldn’t get tired. There are lots of sports players who have to maintain stamina so they can be strong against enemy games. They will do anything to make all the enemies lose and retreat.

Did you know that soccer players are prohibited from having sexual intercourse while facing a match? Whether this is a myth or not, what is certain is that it is often applied by all soccer players. Some say that having sex can make the players’ stamina decrease and they lose. Natlconsumersleague

Reasonable relationship

Believing and not believing all of this is back to the football players themselves. There are some people who say that actually having sexual intercourse with a partner will not make the player’s performance go down. Precisely will make increase libido in men – men until satisfied.

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What often becomes a real problem is the stamina of the body when competing later. Having a natural relationship will not make people tired as long as they don’t make excessive movements with strange styles. This can actually make the energy and mind become tired and unable to concentrate.


Even so, the players still have to be able to maintain stamina. It is not surprising that many players, two or three days before a match, are not allowed to have sexual intercourse. As a precaution, sometimes the coaches and teams take strict care of the soccer players who will take part in the core matches of football.

There are also those who say that if you can’t have sex with your partner, you can masturbate. An activity that will actually make the players feel comfortable and calm. As long as you masturbate properly and safely, everything will be fine. There are benefits of masturbation that players can get, namely:

Makes the feeling of tension go away
Those who previously could not sleep and were anxious can be more relaxed
Not agitated and tense anymore

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