Rules in playing F1

Rules for playing F1

Rules for playing F1

There are several rules that you must follow and obey while participating in the F1 match. Predefined rules will make it easier for you to run them. Of course, there will be no disqualification by the committee. Rules for playing F1

To be successful and enter the game, it’s not just about being a participant in the competition. Follow the rules that are available then you will easily enter the game. Outsiders may not know that in order to become a racer, you must meet complete requirements. Here are the rules


Natlconsumersleague – The engine used is a hybrid powertrain with a capacity of 1.6 liters. For this reason, machine suppliers must have similar specifications. The weight of the vehicles used in the race is 743 to 768. Including car tires and contents from other car engines.


Prepare wheels for racing at 18 inches.

choose the size and type of machine//competition


Not only the engine but the brakes are also considered in the F1 race. in F1 races you have to use sizes 278 mm to 330 mm.

All the provisions that are given are not without reason other than to make it easier for the players, of course, will make financing lighter. The players who take part in F1 events will certainly feel more relaxed when running the race.

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