Sea games cambodia 2023

Sea Games Cambodia 2023

Sea Games Cambodia 2023

Sea Games Cambodia 2023 is the thirty-second host. As the host, of course, Cambodia immediately prepares all the facilities for all guests. From the place to stay to the room for practice. In 2023, the sea games will open from the fifth of May to the seventeenth of May.

Lots of sports that take part in the sea games competition. If you count, there are thirty-seven sports branches in eleven countries. The committee also provides several places for sporting events. There are five cities that are ready to witness the victory of every sport.

Great preparation

To be ready for use the party from Cambodia did a lot of preparation which was huge. The funds spent are also not small. Almost one hundred and thirty-one dollars or one point ninety-one trillion. Wow, when you count, the Cambodian state spends a lot. Natlconsumersleague

There are some facts that maybe not everyone knows, namely:

cambodia sea games logo//there are 37 sports

Even so, Cambodia was once a country that brought home as many as five thousand five hundred and fifty gold medals.
To host in 2023.
Since the first sea games were held, Cambodia has never hosted them. Only in 2023 to host the first time
In 2023, the hosts will bring their athletes to participate in the sea games. Of all the countries that took part in the sea games, it turned out that Cambodia brought one thousand nine hundred and eighty-five athletes.
There are new sports that will be included in the 2023 sea games, namely jet skiing, chess, Kun Bokator, and Kun Khmer.

As the host for the first time, Cambodia turned out to provide free facilities to all participants who took part in the 2023 sea games. Apart from that, watching sea gamer events and sports matches turned out to be free of charge. It’s not just watching at the stadium that can enter for free, it turns out that broadcasting the news is free of charge.

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