Sim F1

Sim F1

Sim F1

Formula 1 drivers must have the F1 sim. A special sim that can make someone a great racer. For those of you who have entered the world of racing, of course, you are familiar with the name sim for F1 racers. Sim F1 stands for a super license for racers. Not only car and motorbike drivers, it turns out that F1 racers must also have a sim.

To be able to get a sim, you have to follow a number of requirements, namely:

  • Must be at least eighteen years of age
  • Has a point value in qualifying races for three years
  • pass the theory test from the FIA [organizer]
  • have a complete sim
  • take a test driving an F1 vehicle at a speed of three hundred kilometers
  • has experience in racing in F1

From the requirements put forward, it can be explained that you must start testing F1 races when you are seventeen years old. For beginners who immediately drive a racing car, of course, it has a thrilling sensation. You also have to have various kinds of experience to be able to get an F1 card and be able to participate as an F1 racer participant. natlconsumersleague

Looking for value

Of all the conditions put forward, of course, there are some that are difficult to obtain. Like when getting points at games for three years. Getting 40 points is certainly not easy. Must win many championships in various types of formulas. Even so, to become an F1 racer, of course, any effort will still be made.

Sim F1 has a shorter active period than the general vehicle sim. The active period for F1 is only one year. every year the F1 racers must update or extend the date of the sim’s busy period. To be able to get a sim, you also have to be able to act friendly and kind.

example sim F1
maintain a no-fighting attitude//example sim F1

Revoked Sim

Don’t make trouble and harm others. Because this can make you lose the opportunity to be able to get the F1 sim. Who would have thought that to get an F1 sim you also have to be able to behave well? It’s not easy to be a racer. It’s not just new participants who have to be nice. it turns out that racers who have already got a sim must also be able to maintain their attitude.

An F1 driver may lose his driver’s license during some reckless Actions. Getting a penalty and having the coin value reduced can also be a sign that the sim is revoked and you can’t race anymore. don’t get 12 penalty points for a year. This can make you fail to become an F1 racer.

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