Sports for the body hunchback

Sports for the body hunchback

Sports for the body hunchback

Those of you who have problems are often bent over even though you have been sitting up straight. This means you are stretching less. Doing the stretches or exercises listed below only takes 15 minutes. If you often do this movement then you can feel the results yourself and you will not get tired of sure. Here’s how

Supine hands (T Pluses)

Natlconsumersleague – The position of the supine hand is certainly the same as sitting too so the results are maximum on the back and shoulders. Do this movement correctly and slowly. you have to do it by pulling back and forth but only in slight movements. When you do this make sure the neck remains relaxed because it will feel sore and tense if you do not do it casually.

Rotate Neck

Don’t forget after doing the T pluses movement you have to turn your head from front to back so that the neck is not tight. This movement is included in stretching or resting.

Bird Dog

straight position
do sports often//straight position

Perform bird-dog movements alternately, if you make movements 10 times on the left, then on the right also have the same number of movements. The bird dog movement step is if the right hand is lifted, and the left leg is lifted straight back. This movement will take you like flying but with the opposite movement between the legs and arms.

Flowing Back

This position is done from a bent body and then fully opened backward with hands that are behind the head. Do not forget when you do this movement with meditation. Never do this movement with the origin and a state of weakness, because there will be no effect. If you can do this movement by gripping the back muscles.

Reverse Snow angel

This movement is done in a prone position, all legs are lifted until they feel like flying. With your own hands, you move from the position in front of our faces and then invite them down close to the waist. When you are going to do this make sure you can hold your breath for perfect results.

Downward Dog + Push Up

At the beginning of this movement, both feet are shoulder-width apart and the hands are shoulder-width apart. Hands and feet between great distances. Once you are ready you can push your body into the arms that have been opened wide until the head is in the hands that have been extended. Do this movement slowly if you do not have a too flexible body.

child pose + tricep

Take the position of both legs bent at the elbows and both hands directed forward.. For your body parts, turn to the right or left alternately. Do this movement slowly so that your body becomes more flexible.

Flowing Seal Stretch

Prepare your body facing the floor or prone position. You who do this movement from the abdomen to the head in the downward movement upwards. This movement does not need to be fast, but you do this slowly while inhaling.

Spine Lengthening

The next pose is kneeling. Both hands in straight ahead lower down. The head is facing downwards but not against the floor.. You can lower your head slowly until the head feels not stiff.

Upper Back

Puff out your chest and keep your feet together. Don’t forget when you are going to do this movement it will be better if you do it in a straight position.

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