the 2022 world cup winner

2022 World Cup Winner

The 2022 world cup winner

The winner of the 2022 world cup will be the decisive stage for football players. This prestigious event has succeeded in making many people impatient to find out which country has succeeded in bringing home the world cup. Various countries have joined and participated in the world cup event. Almost the whole world welcomes every winner.

When I heard about the world cup, there were lots of people holding watching together events [watching football together]. Various places provide watching together events so that visitors can enjoy the game of football. Places that usually carry out watching together are usually cafes, restaurants, restaurants, residents’ houses, and many more.

Get a new winner

Even though the team they support loses, they still want to see the world cup match. Seeing the actions of the soccer players playing on the field coupled with the fierce play of the opponents will certainly make people flutter when they watch it. Natlconsumersleague

In 2022 the world cup is held again and gets a new winner from Argentina. A country that has won a prestigious competition. Argentina, which managed to bring home the 2022 world cup, managed to beat players from France.


In the match, Argentina and France have the same score so to determine the victory by taking a penalty. Through a penalty shootout, the Argentine team managed to qualify and win to become champions. It was a very thrilling match that made many people wonder which team would win.

Of course, many are curious, isn’t it how Argentina can win and bring home the world cup? At first, the team from Argentina was the first to score. With a 2-o position, of course, Argentina excels. But right in the next minute, the team from France managed to catch up to 2-2.


The score continues to last until finally doing what is called a penalty shootout. The players who come forward pray that the ball they are kicking can enter the goal. The Argentinian team got in with 4 balls and the French team got in with 2 balls. Of this amount, of course, it has been confirmed that the Argentine team won the world cup.

All the Argentinian players cheered. Doing a series of group photos and congratulating the other players. The hero of the Argentinian team managed to keep the goal until the last seconds.

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