Sirkuit Mandalika tidak digunakan

The Mandalika circuit is not used

The Mandalika circuit is not used

The Mandalika Circuit is not used for F1 races. the Mandalika circuit is the host of Indonesians originating from Bali. Not only once has the Mandalika circuit been used for racing competitions. Of course, racing fans know that the most frequently held race in MotoGP. Remains last year in 2022. The hosts are starting to reopen the Mandalika circuit.

Previously, the circuit had to make repaired so that all tracks were safe and the racers were safe. In the opinion of several parties say that the F1 race can be held in Mandalika. Hearing this news, of course, the race field and track administrators immediately opened their voices about the F1 race.

Not fulfilled

For completeness, MotoGP can hold a race in Mandalika. But for racing in F1, of course, you can’t. To become an F1 race track, of course, you must have the right conditions. Most people know that the standards set by F1 board members are very high.

So it’s very far if you can use the MandalikaCircuit. To hold MotoGP and F1 races, of course, you don’t just use the track. Of course, all circuits must have an arena length of 4.3 km or 4.5 km. Each round needed in the race is of course very long as much as 10 times the round. Natlconsumersleague

Only for MotoGP

From the information above, you can find out whether the MandalikaCircuit can enter the race arena. In terms of length, the field actually meets the requirements. It’s just that the team from the Mandalika circuit only provides health and rescue groups for MotoGP racers. It was this that the administrator of the Mandalika circuit said that he had not met the requirements for the F1 race

cool track
cool track//suitable trajectory conditions

The fastest path in evacuating victims is only by using the emergency exit. To evacuate motorized vehicles, you have to go to the small door. As for the F1 racers, of course, they have to prepare big doors. The door that F1 drivers with their big cars can only pass.

Costs a lot

The damage caused the racers to no longer be able to use their vehicles. To get rid of the car can only ask for help from the team to push it. Of course, the Mandalika circuit is not strong enough to provide this tool. The price spent to provide all the equipment is not cheap.

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