The most difficult circuit

The most difficult circuit

The most difficult circuit

The most difficult circuit to pass during the MotoGP race. As you all know, MotoGP is the coolest motorcycle race event. A match that delivers thrilling action around every corner and track. Many of the racers started their MotoGP career by mastering all the tracks.

There are some racers who sometimes prefer to leave the team. Move to a new team with the new perks they will get. Of all the racing sessions sometimes the racers experience problems on the track. Not all circuits have an easy track. There are several circuits that turn out to be difficult tracks and make many drivers often feel overwhelmed when making turns.

Of course, you are not curious about which regions or countries have circuits that are difficult to pass, such as:


Circuit located in the United States of America. Did you know that the Austin circuit was once used as a venue for an F1 race? Of course, many don’t think that all MotoGP racers experience difficulties when using the track from Austin. Natlconsumersleague – There are twenty corners that the racers must be able to go through in order to win. Many racers say that the shape of the Austin circuit has a lot of protruding hairpins so when making corner movements you have to be more careful. Natlconsumersleague


Portugal also has a circuit that is quite difficult to pass. Lots of bends and straights that managed to make it difficult for the racers. For a racer who has if it finds a straight track it will certainly be easy to pass. But if you find a straight, elongated track in a corner, you inevitably have to press the brakes to prevent an accident. Many racers say that the Estoril circuit spends more brake time than speed. Also not being left behind by the weather in Portugal is uncertain.

can make many braking positions//hard to beat


Tracks that turned out to also have a path that is difficult to pass. To be able to conquer the track, of course, many racers have to start memorizing more circuit paths so they can easily control the speed of the motorbike.

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