Warm-up exercise

Warm-up exercise

Warm-up exercise

Warming up is the first step before starting strenuous exercise. Many don’t know that to start a sports movement you have to do some warm-up movements first. Warm-up exercise is done so that when doing strenuous exercise it can make a part of the body injured or have a muscle aneurysm.

For those of you who want to do sports, prepare the warm-up movement first. Every warm-up move you do can help your whole body get ready for every strenuous move you do. Warming up will also make you comfortable moving and not experiencing fatigue.

There are several warm-up movements that you can do, such as:

turning heads – Natlconsumersleague

Prepare your head then make head turns in a circle. Do it in a clockwise motion for a count of eight times. When finished do it again turning his head in the opposite direction.

Face right and left

Look straight ahead and then make your heads turn to the right and left alternately. Do this movement with a count of 8x.

warming up
warming up//prepare for a warm-up

Still with a straight head movement, look then bend or tilt your head to the left, pause for a moment, count to eight times. After from the left, bend to the right and also keep quiet for up to eight times the count. After doing this, don’t forget to bend right to left alternately for eight counts.

Hands up
Raise both hands then bring them together and point them up. Pause and count. After going up, do this movement by directing it behind your back, then also make it in the forward and downward direction. Do a silent movement for a moment in 8 times the count.

Run in place
Before starting heavy movements, don’t forget to warm up your legs first. Lalri in place with small movements to make the joints of the bones not shocked when carrying out heavy movements.

Turn around
The next movement is to do a few rounds of the body so that the body does not ache. Perform a circular motion from right to left eight times.

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