Weird rules of Sea Games 2023

Weird rules of Sea Games 2023

Weird rules of Sea Games 2023

The strange rules for the 2023 Sea Games have left many question marks for the contestants. There are some strange rules that many participants disagree with. As long as it complies with the provisions of the sea games, the host can make rules based on the numbers from the sea games. Weird rules of Sea Games 2023

With these rules, the host can certainly make a lot of profit. Get lots of wins in each round. No wonder so many people always have a lot of negative thoughts about some of the rules set by the host. As long as all the rules made do not violate the provisions of the sea games. Natlconsumersleague

However, it turns out that there are some rules that according to the participants are very strange. The rules made:

Cannot appear
The rule that leaves many people speechless is that teams from strong badminton branches cannot appear and compete in Cambodia. An incomparable country:





There are also other sports such as traditional boats.

Limiting group numbers to appear in several sports. Each team has three groups that compete. Of the three groups that took part only two. As you know, sports matches have singles, doubles, and mixed numbers. Not only tennis but there are also other sports.

prohibiting strong participants from appearing in several sports//compete

Number of athletes

There are several teams from several sports that strongly disagree with the rules limiting the number of athletes. Of course, many are against the rule.

In this boat sport, all participants will use a boat that is different from the usual boat. You are required to use a boat from Cambodia.

Power banks
It’s not only sports participants who are surprised by the rules from Cambodia. Spectators who come to see the sea games are prohibited from bringing power banks. Every spectator who wants to enter will be subject to strict inspection.

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