What football players do before playing

What football players do before playing

What football players do before playing

Hey sports friends, have you ever been curious about the activities of world soccer players? As you know, if you want to compete, of course, there will be several activities that must be done first so that it brings victory and luck. Who would have thought that the world’s soccer players actually have unique habits before competing?

A ritual that they often do in order to bring them victory. Maybe many other people think that the players who compete only pray together. Surely many of you who are football lovers are curious, right? what kind of activities do they prepare and do before competing

Christian Ronaldo

One of the soccer players who have a unique habit before competing is to cut their hair first. Many don’t think that this star football player actually often cuts his hair before competing. Natlconsumersleague

Javier Hernandez
A great player in holding back enemy attacks and successfully keeping the goal. The habit of this great kipper has been passed down from generation to generation. Before competing they have to kneel while praying. A habit that has been taught by his father who was once a footballer.

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Mesut Ozil
Football players often carry the Koran when they want to play. Not only during matches. it turns out that Mesut Ozil often carries the holy book wherever he goes. One of the signs of each activity is always starting with reading the holy verses. This made many teammates not bother him but respect his choice. Always pray before starting to compete.

Thibaut Courtois
A habit that is reasonably unique and strange. This uniqueness and strangeness can be seen before starting the match. This soccer player often takes off his shoes and socks to meet photos. Besides that, he often uses his shoes to hit the right and left goalposts.

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