World cup prizes in 2022

World cup prizes in 2022

World cup prizes in 2022

There are so many world cup prizes in 2022 and can’t say anything. Every time the final is near, the organizers and the team will prepare several prizes for the winners. The prizes you get are not ordinary gifts. But billions of rupiah is very much. No wonder the world cup is always in the future with many teams of soccer players.

Not only do they get prizes, but the team that wins will get the name and title of the best player. The soccer players who manage to win will get a name and easily get into any football club they want. Apart from the winning team, it turned out that before the final match started, it turned out that each country also got prizes. Prizes can be obtained while still in group matches.

Winning money

Maybe some of you are curious about how much value each country will get when participating in the world cup. Here are the details: Natlconsumersleague

Join the group to get: one hundred and forty billion
Enter the top sixteen: two hundred and two billion
Made it to the quarter-finals: two hundred and sixty-four billion
Advance to the semi-finals: three hundred and eighty-eight billion
Enter the third place: four hundred and twenty billion
The second winner gets: four hundred and sixty-six billion
The first winner will receive funds of six hundred and fifty-three billion.

won the opportunity to play in the club //victory

Higher than the previous world cup

The value of the victory that is prepared is quite large. There are as many as six point eight trillion that will be obtained by the winners and countries participating in the world cup event. Very high value is not it? In 2022, the organizing team is preparing a winning fund that is quite high compared to the previous year. A winning prize that goes up quite a lot. In 2018 the funds prepared were six hundred and twenty-two billion.

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